Angel Urena

HALC Treasurer

Angel Urena, Treasurer

Angel Urena

North Attleboro, MA
Former Occupation: Financial Aid Director

Strangely, Angel's Primerica career was almost a non-starter. He came close to walking away from his first Opportunity Meeting because the guy who recruited him never showed up.1 "So much for listening to the naysayers," he laughs. But Angel was persuaded to stay and he liked what he heard. "I was recruited 15 minutes into the presentation," remembers Angel. "All this information about money, like The Rule of 72, I had never heard before even though I thought I was an educated person. Then they said, 'you can get paid to go out and help other people', I was hooked."

Angel started doing seminars at churches and local agencies – anywhere he could get a group together. "I love the educational approach that you learn at Primerica," says Angel. "People respond to that and they can immediately see that the solutions you have can help them accomplish their goals."

"I've been around this business a while but right now is really exciting because of the growth that the company is poised to achieve. The Opportunity was very good back in 1993 but it was nothing like now – it's 1,000 times better now. From Primerica Secure that is very useful in retaining new people to the expanded technology that gets people trained faster.2 It's all so much better.

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"Get fast tracked, get licensed and start right away. Don't hang around on the sidelines waiting for a good time to get started. These are the good times. You make the times what they are."

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