Ace Acevedo

HALC Board Member

Ace Acevedo, Board Member

Ace Acevedo

Gaithersburg, MD
Former Occupation: Student

“At 24 years old, I was wondering what to do with myself,” remembers Ace. “My college football career was coming to an end and I needed a new vision of what I was going to do and where my life was heading. One day I came home and my mother said, ‘Somebody just called for your father. Why don’t you call them?’”

On a whim, Ace called the number. “It was Primerica,” laughs Ace. “I told the guy on the line that I didn’t know exactly what they did but that I was interested and that I was going to drop by the next day. Ace followed through with the meeting and he loved what he heard. Primerica helped families like his – Main Street families – to get the life insurance protection they needed and then helped them work out game plans to achieve financial freedom.”

For about four years, Ace was content to attend school and work the business part-time.1 Then he and his now partner, Anita, decided to get married.2 “We got serious about the business after that and within 18 months we made it to RVP,” says Ace.3

“Primerica has enabled us to be a real American success story,” says Ace. “I come from a loving family but we didn’t have much. Primerica gave us the opportunity to change our lives and have a business we can truly own.”

On Building

“When you start with Primerica, expect to pay a price. Nothing worth having is easy but know the price is well worth it. This business is not a short cut to wealth; it’s a long-term deal. The day you ‘get started’ with Primerica isn’t when you fill out your IBA.4 The day you get started with Primerica is when you decide to go for RVP. It’s not how much time you put into it. It’s what you put into your time.”

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