Eddie González

HALC Board Member

Ricardo Lugo, Board Member

Eddie González

Tarrytown, NY
Former Occupation: Real Estate Broker

Back in 1995, Eddie Gonzalez had already spent 13 years in real estate. He owned two offices and made a six-figure income doing sales and property management. “I was burning out working 70 to 80 hours a week,” remembers Eddie. “Whether I was trying to keep a sale from falling through, consistently training new agents or dealing with nightmare tenants, it seemed I was always on call and constantly putting out fires. And although I made decent money, I realized that I didn't own a business.1 The business owned me.

“When I was introduced to Primerica that May, I immediately identified all the key components necessary for building a huge organization that my real estate business did not have … unlimited resources, unlimited support, financial education and a leadership environment – all with no franchise fee.2 Primerica had developed a proven, time-tested system. All I had to do was follow it.

“Primerica empowered me to never hold back and give it all to the team, something I'd always been looking for. I believe competing is the key to all growth, but training your own competition is contradictory. In real estate, your best team members get good and then they leave. At Primerica, they get good and you are successful together! You can learn it and then give it all away!”

Now, two decades later, Eddie and his Partner, Sandra, have built an enormous organization.3 “This business has been great to us,” says Eddie. “Thanks to our hard work, we have been able to build a successful business.4

On Building

“I live by what I call the “Three Ls of Building.” LEARN your people. LOVE your people. And LEAD your people! The only thing your people want from you is for you to believe in them and teach them how to win! Winning is not an option. Winning is a responsibility! That means we must stay up-to-date with the company direction and technology. Don’t reinvent the wheel! Just spin it faster!”

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