Francisco Dillon

HALC Chairman

Francisco Dillon, Chairman

Francisco Dillon

Lodi, NJ
Former Occupation: Clinical Psychologist

As a boy in Ecuador, Francisco was always bright and driven. "I wanted to – and still want to – do what no one else has done. I want to be out in front every time."

Frank's drive took him to Rutgers University and to complete his doctorate at Seton Hall. He then went on to make a name for himself as a clinical instructor at his alma mater and later with the New Jersey Institute of Psychotherapy.

After establishing and growing a successful practice, Frank began to cast around for another challenge. "I enjoyed helping people and the lifestyle of achievement – but I was working 80 hour weeks and still in debt," remembers Frank. "So, when I learned about Primerica, I was sold. Primerica was a way I could help people and realize ever-greater success personally as well. You know, debt is a huge issue for many people. It tears apart families and contributes to a lot of misery. Helping people get their financial lives in order and, for some, building a business was very attractive to me."1

Only two years before he would be eligible to retire with full benefits, Frank left his life in science and academia behind to join Primerica. He hasn't looked back.

On Building

"This is a numbers business – just accept that. You have to bring everyone you can into the door, take care of them, build them up, love them, show them the Primerica Opportunity and be available if and when they want to change their lives. Don’t get frustrated -- get motivated. Just look around! Our time has come! Make sure you are a part of it."2

1 Primerica Representatives are independent contractors and are not employees of Primerica.
2 Primerica representatives earn income through the sale of products. Representatives are not paid to recruit.

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