John Roig

HALC Honorary Board Member

John Roig, Vice-Chairman

John Roig

Coral Springs, FL
Former Occupation: Teacher/Coach

When John Roig left Cuba as a boy, he knew he was headed to the Land of Opportunity. Fortunately, he was introduced to the greatest opportunity: Primerica. Today, John and his wife Gloria are enjoying the fruits of their labor and the incredible lifestyle that Primerica has afforded them.1 According to John, it all began with a simple vacation to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 1977.

"That vacation was enough to convince my wife and I that we wanted to raise our family there," John recalls. "So we went home, moved in with Gloria's mother and diligently began saving money to make our dream come true."

Soon after they took their leap of faith, the Roigs were introduced to the Primerica Opportunity. "I got so excited, I jumped at the chance to be a part of it," John recalls. "At the end of my second year, after attending a Primerica convention, I got serious about the business and went full time.2 That's when it started to happen: Every year I made more money than the previous year. That was 1980 and we never looked back."

Today, the Roigs are looking forward and enjoying a life filled with rewards, both personal and financial. "The financial incentives to build a business are unbelievable," John says. "Because of this opportunity, I'm able to help my relatives in Cuba in ways I never imagined. Our success in Primerica has enabled us to change a small part of the world."

On Building

“Don’t let anyone kid you. Nothing sells itself. You are going to have to be willing to grow personally and then grow some more. Get good at needs-based selling, bringing in recruits and getting your recruits to bring recruits. You can get very wealthy with Primerica but it is a marathon, not a sprint. Your have got to give your efforts time to compound.”

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