Cathy Muñoz

HALC Board Member

Cathy Muñoz, Board Member

Cathy Muñoz

Anaheim, CA
Former Occupation: Social Worker

When Cathy first heard about Primerica, she was a full-time social worker in Los Angeles, while her husband, Raudel, worked as a buyer for a furniture store. “We were doing OK financially but we really longed for more freedom,” says Cathy. “When I was introduced to Primerica at a business overview, I was so overwhelmed with the Opportunity that I joined that night. “I realized that, if we worked hard, Primerica could give us the financial rewards and freedom we craved.”

Cathy's success didn't come automatically. “I was pretty introverted when I started. I was so shy that it took me awhile to make that first call. But I was eager to succeed and I wasn't going to let the Primerica Opportunity pass me by. And I think my social work experience helped me. I know how to talk to people and motivate them to want success for themselves. Because that's really what the Primerica business comes down to – helping people get where they want to be, whether they are clients, team members or both.”

On Building

“This business is like any other in just one way. You are going to have good days and bad days. You are going to have times you will remember fondly forever and those you'll want to forget. But, I assure you, if you put the energy into this business, you'll have far more good experiences than you'd find anywhere else. The milestones – the Watch, the Ring, the trips, the relationships you'll build. They are all worth it.”*

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