Lemuel & Tammy Mercado

Lemuel & Tammy Mercado
Hialeah Gardens, FL

Since “day one” Lemuel Mercado, of Hialeah Gardens, FL, says he’s been passionate about helping families get the term life insurance protection they need.  And it’s that passion that drives everything he and his wife, Tammy, do. 

“When I was nearly 15 years old, my father passed away in an auto accident, leaving behind my mother and four kids,” recalls Lemuel.  “He had a Primerica term life insurance policy and seeing how that money impacted our family made me want to be a part of a company who does that.  I remember asking my mom what she thought about me joining Primerica when I turned 18 and she was all for it!”

The crusade to help families like his to become properly protected that started in Lemuel’s teens, still continues today for this duo.  “Primerica gave us a shot and I always knew that if I just had a chance to be successful, I wouldn’t let it pass me by,” smiles Lemuel.  “Every achievement we reach in this business gives us so much belief of what more we are capable of here.  And we’re only just beginning.”

Together, Lemuel and Tammy are determined to make a difference in their community and to build an incredible future for themselves and their family.  “Tammy and I never believed in working forever,” explains Lemuel. 

He continues, “We believe in building a business now so we can enjoy our lives forever – never worrying about money.  We want to have the freedom to travel, to enjoy time with family and friends, to contribute to charities and ministries and to be financially independent.  We came here to do something great with our lives and this business allows us to never be average and ordinary again.”