The HALC Committees


Create a dynamic identity for the HALC by attracting influential Primerica Hispanic committee members across the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada that have the ability to communicate the HALC’s mission, recruit new members and develop relationships with up and coming Primerica Hispanic leaders with the potential to become future Council members.

Mentorship & Coaching Committee

The HALC Mentorship Program was designed to fill a need – the opportunity to allow newer Primerica representatives to work closely with Primerica leaders. The HALC has developed a program that includes one-on-one time with some of the biggest leaders in the company who share proven strategies to help you grow your Primerica business.

Latinas In Action

The Latinas In Action Committee is dedicated to empower the entrepreneurial women who are seeking the opportunity to build a successful and thriving business without having to choose between family and career.

Recruiting & Distribution Committee

The Recruiting & Distribution Committee will help create new materials, resources and strategies to create an explosion in the Hispanic market.

Self Development & Leadership Committee

The Self Development & Leadership Committee was formed to create and enhance personal development resources and leadership resources to train and develop Hispanic leaders.

Training & Licensing Committee

The Training & Licensing Committee was formed to create innovative training materials and resources for our various Primerica product/services and aspects of licensing that are necessary to properly equip the growing Hispanic sales force.

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The Opportunity

Hispanic American Leadership Council